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Get to know PEO.

With a high level of attentive service and personal engagement from our
ownership team to yours, C&S truly runs like a small business. That's because we grew out of one. Over time, we've dramatically expanded our
business by focusing on helping our clients expand theirs. Today, C&S is a
leading PEO who is ready and able to help you.

Historic C&S Milestones


The Cleveland family incorporates C&S Services,
a small trucking company offering local and
regional transport from offices in Akron, OH.


Recognizing a need in the transportation
industry, C&S begins offering payroll support
services to third-party clients. Gradually, the
company shifts focus from hauling to human


C&S goes on file with the Ohio Bureau of
Workers' Compensation as a PEO, and remains
among the longest-tenured registered firms in the state.


C&S adds the 2,000th member of our
co-employment staff.


C&S hires a new management staff to direct
company growth.


C&S adds C&S Insurance Division specializing in
HealthCare and ACA compliance.