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Get to know PEO.

Whether you just need help processing payroll and preparing tax reports,
or you want an affordable way to implement benefits programs that will
improve employee retention, C&S has the solution. Our staff of HR experts
can provide a comprehensive range of services, from payroll to PEO, so
you can focus on what you got into business for in the first place.

Payroll and Tax Administration

C&S takes pride in handling payroll in a timely and precise manner for our clients. With
our advanced software system, we have the flexibility to handle virtually any employee
compensation schedule-hourly, salaried, commission, per diem, piece work and more.

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Workers' Compensation Services

For years, C&S has used our workers' compensation insurance expertise to control the
costs of premiums, claims and risks for clients. In fact, C&S can secure qualified clients
a sizable savings (up to 53%) off their base rate through group rating discounts.

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Insurance Review

Securing and administering insurance benefits can be frustrating, time-consuming and
complex. Changing regulations may even lead you to change your entire strategy
regarding the benefits you choose to offer. Let C&S help. Our dedicated insurance
division can help you navigate the landscape and design a plan that works for you.

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Time and Attendance Services

Simple and affordable automated timekeeping. C&S offers a wide range of timekeeping solutions, from web based timekeeping services to biometric timekeeping devices. Whether you are seeking to learn more about our timekeeping services or to obtain support information for your current service, our time and attendance site contains a variety of tools to meet your needs.

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Unemployment Representation

Since the unemployment tax rate you pay as a business is tied to claims filed against
you, C&S can help you effectively reduce your taxes by better managing employees,
generating proper documentation and defending fraudulent claims.

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HR Services

Implementing best practices for human resources is essential to ensuring compliance
with labor laws, developing a productive workforce and creating an advantage for your
business. From obtaining the most basic personnel records to addressing key HR
policies, C&S is ready to assist your organization.

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401(k) Offering

Providing a retirement plan option will certainly assist you in attracting and retaining
the best workforce. Audit costs and complexities of setting a plan up from scratch can
be prohibitive. Working in conjunction with third-party plan administrator
Slavic 401(k), C&S can help you cost-effectively implement a plan that features all the
recognized fund options for your employees.